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Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde Manual
An insight into owning, flying and maintaining the world's fastest passenger aircraft

Av David Leney & David Macdonald

Written by two of British Airway's most experienced former Concorde flight crew, the Haynes Concorde Manual gives readers rare insights into what it's like to own, fly, operate and service the world's only supersonic airliner.

Between them the co-authors, Dave Leney (pilot) and David Macdonald (flight engineer) have more than 35 years of flying experience on Concorde. Dave Leney joined the Concorde fleet at the beginning of its association with British Airways. By 1977 he had completed the six-month course and qualified as a Concorde Captain, later becoming Flight Manager. Dave retired from flying in 1992. David Macdonald was appointed to the position of Flight Engineer Superintendent, Concorde, with British Airway in 1974, a post he held for 20 years until his retirement in 1994.

For the Haynes Concorde Manual the authors were given special access to the Concorde flight simulator at Brooklands, Surrey, and to the preserved Concorde, G-BOAF, at Filton in Bristol, to recreate and photograph aspects of Concorde engineering and flight deck operations. The pictorial coverage of flight deck procedures is particularly comprehensive, providing an impressive level of detail hitherto unseen in print.

The Anglo-French Concorde supersonic passenger transport is probably the most famous airliner in history. Its glamour was exceeded only by its speed of more than Mach 2 - twice the speed of sound. Concorde was able to cross the Atlantic from London to New York in little more than three hours, cutting the journey time of conventional subsonic airliners by more than half.

In 2003, when the British and French Concorde fleets were prematurely retired from service, so ended a unique era in passenger travel and supersonic passenger aircraft design. Although the futuristic shape of Concorde no longer graces the skies, popular interest in this marvel of aeronautical design is undiminished.

Innehåller bland annat:

  • Packed with technical photographs and diagrams.
  • Rare insights into owning, operating, servicing and flying the supersonic airliner.
  • Authoritative text written by two former Concorde flight crew.
  • 200 colour and 50 b&w illustrations.

Om författaren: Captain David Leney is a former pilot and Flight Manager (Technical) for BA's Concorde Division. Senior Engineer Officer David Macdonald is a former flight engineer and Flight Engineer Superintendent (Concorde). Between them, the two Davids have thousands of flying hours on Concorde. Captain David Leney lives in Camberley and Senior Engineer Officer David Macdonald lives in Marlow, Enlgand.

ISBN:  9781844258185
Bok NR:  H4818
Språk:  Engelska

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