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Electric Guitar Manual
How to set up, maintain and hot-rod your first electric guitar

Av Paul Balmer

The Electric Guitar Manual offers advice on how to choose your first electric guitar, how to make sure that it is the right instrument for the music you want to play, and how to get the best from it as your playing improves.

A huge range of budget guitars is currently available, covering many body styles from blues to rockabilly and death metal to retro pop. Unfortunately, few of these instruments are easily playable 'straight out of the box’ and many 'affordable’ guitars arrive from the factory poorly set up. The Electric Guitar Manual’s down-to-earth text, extensively illustrated with many step-by-step photo sequences, guides new and inexperienced guitarists through the pitfalls of buying a suitable guitar, and setting it up so that it is a pleasure to learn to play.

Detailed case studies of 12 guitars provide specific advice for a Squier 'Strat’, an Epiphone Les Paul, a Danelectro ’63, a Yamaha Pacifica, a 'Rockabilly’ Ibanez, an Epiphone 'DOT’, an SG and a Vintage Flying V. Two beginner 'starter kits’ are also assessed.

Innehåller bland annat:

  • Learn what to look for in 'S'-type, 'LP'-type, 'T'-type and 'SG'-type
  • How to improve your guitar's sound
  • Expert tips to keep your guitar working brilliantly in the rehearsal room and 'on the road'
  • How to safely achieve a unique DIY 'Relic' look - a cool 'antiqued' appearance from a budget guitar
  • Strings - what you need and how to 'string up' so they stay in tune
  • Minor repairs and maintenance
  • Fret dressing
  • Pickup replacement
  • Setting the intonation and radius for comfort and tone

Om författaren: As a broadcaster, engineer, producer, writer, performer and teacher, Paul Balmer has been around electric guitars in all their forms since 1960 and currently teaches young guitarists learning to play a range of budget guitars.

ISBN:  9780857330659
Bok NR:  H5065
Språk:  Engelska
Web Price:  £19.99

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