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Men's Cooking
A no-nonsense guide to buying, making and eating great food

Av Chris Maillard

A straightforward, no-nonsense guide to making food that's totally edible - and in some cases even tasty - written in the sort of language that men understand. Simple. To the point. Concise. With a few jokes. And lots. Of. Full. Stops.

Men's Cooking Manual is for every man who would like to be able to put together a quick snack, handle a weekday dinner or learn a few impressive tricks to wheel out at special occasions.

The Men's Cooking Manual is the answer to men's prayers. Or more specifically, the prayer that goes "Christ, I'm starving!". Make food, eat food. It doesn't get any simpler than this.

Innehåller bland annat:

  • What tools do I need?
  • How do I buy decent ingredients?
  • What do I need in my fridge?
  • How do I use a knife properly?
  • What can I make in 10 minutes?
  • How can I impress my mum/wife/date?
  • Which wine should I choose?

Om författaren: Chris Maillard is a seasoned journalist. Salt and pepper, mostly, with just a touch of sage. He's worked for Top Gear, Maxim, Restaurant, Ride and umpteen other magazines, and has been a keen if unfussy cook for years. He lives in the East End of London, but really doesn't like jellied eels.

ISBN:  9781844258697
Bok NR:  H4869
Språk:  Engelska

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