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Piano Manual
Buying, problem-solving, care, repair and tuning

Av Graham Barker & John Bishop

There has been a distinct gap in the market for a book that covers three bases: how to select, buy and look after a piano, but the Piano Manual now fills that gap.

The 'how to buy' element is important because for many beginners the pleasure or pain of playing is determined at the point of purchase of the first instrument. As in the used car market, there are many bad buys and deceptive practices to avoid. As the Piano Manual can (a) help people avoid being cheated and thus (b) increase the prospect that they or their child will enjoy playing, it will repay the cover price of £19.99 many times over.

It explains how to look after your piano and extend its working life. Clear, step-by-step instructions are provided in full colour at three ability levels:

  • Easy care and maintenance: mainly keeping your piano clean and in the right environment.
  • Moderate maintenance and repair: fairly simple work that becomes necessary or advisable as a piano starts to age.
  • Advanced maintenance and repair: tasks that need more time and bravery but can transform an old or neglected piano.

The Piano Manual will also show you how to tune your own piano. (Or, if that isn't for you, how to better appreciate your professional tuner's skill.)

The Piano Manual is far more accessible and useful than many other books on pianos and is written in a style that makes you want to keep reading. As with all our manuals, we believe it will become the book that all piano owners will automatically turn to when they need help or advice.

Innehåller bland annat:

  • How the piano works - and has done, unchanged, since 1720
  • How to buy the right new or used piano
  • Upright or grand?
  • 20-minute check helps you avoid bad pianos (and those who sell them)
  • Easy, moderate and advanced maintenance and repair
  • Step-by-step tuning for beginners
  • Safety and moving tips
  • Tools, materials and specialist suppliers

Om författarna:
Graham Barker
is a writer who likes to make technical subjects accessible, so that he can understand them too.
John Bishop (www.getintune.co.uk) has been a professional keyboard player (solo and rock bands) since 1964, and a piano tuner, technician, restorer, rebuilder and supplier since 1978. He specialises in preparing pianos used for public performances.

ISBN:  9781844254859
Bok NR:  H4485
Språk:  Engelska

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