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Red Bull Racing F1 Car Manual
An insight into the technology, engineering, maintenance and operation of the Red Bull Racing RB6

Av Steve Rendle

The car that took Red Bull Racing to two world titles, the RB6, was the work of a team led by legendary F1 designer Adrian Newey. The Red Bull Racing F1 Car Manual, produced with the full cooperation of Red Bull Racing, takes a unique look under the skin of the RB6, explaining in unprecedented detail how a modern F1 car works. Aided by numerous photographs and exclusive technical illustrations, the fascinating text describes:

Innehåller bland annat:

  • The Anatomy of the Red Bull Racing RB6 - chassis, aerodynamics, suspension and steering, brakes, engine, transmission, tyres, electronics, hydraulic system, safety equipment, driver controls
  • The Designer's View - the design process, optimising the 'package', wind-tunnel and CFD simulation, testing and development
  • The Race Engineer's View - working on the car, working with the driver, setting up the car, the race weekend
  • The Race Driver's View - Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber provide insight into how they drive an F1 car and how they work with the team to develop and optimise it throughout the season
  • Produced with the full cooperation of Red Bull Racing, with extensive input from key technical staff and drivers

Om författaren: Author Steve Rendle has been a technical writer and editor with Haynes Publishing for 25 years, with a particular enthusiasm for motorsport and technical books. He has had a passion for F1 since his parents took him to Silverstone as a teenager in 1981 to witness John Watson winning the British Grand Prix.

ISBN:  9780857330994
Bok NR:  H5099
Språk:  Engelska
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