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Chicken Manual
The complete step-by-step guide to keeping chickens

Av Laurence Beeken

Up until as recently as the 1950s it was the norm for many households - even in inner city areas - to keep poultry alongside their vegetables. It was a practical way to get fresh eggs and the occasional roast bird.

There has recently been a resurgence of interest in owning chickens, due in no small part to concerns about welfare, pesticides and genetically modified foods, as highlighted by the proliferation of lifestyle programmes on our television screens as we sit down to our evening meals.

The Chicken Manual provides a complete and easy-to-follow reference for those wanting to keep chickens for both food and pleasure. Packed with full colour images throughout, it is aimed at the novice but also contains plenty to interest the experienced chicken keeper.

The Chicken Manual presents no-nonsense advice, tips, facts and step-by-step sequences on all aspects of poultry care. Whether you want chickens for eggs, for showing or even for the table, the Chicken Manual will provide all the information you need.

Innehåller bland annat:

  • Getting started: choosing a breed, hybrids, other poultry, hatching your own.
  • Daily care, seasonal care, feeding, watering, housing, security from predators, vermin control, laying (types of eggs, selling, regulations), 1st aid.
  • Specialist information: anatomy and plumage, colours and markings, breeding, incubating, showing, conservation, dispatching and dressing.
  • Common diseases (includes simple diagnosis aids), biology, health, nutrition.
  • Step-by-step procedures for building a hen house, preparing birds for showing and using an incubator.

Om författaren: Laurence Beeken has kept poultry for 20 years both as a back-garden hobby and for exhibition and showing. He also judges at National level and sits on several international breed club committees.

ISBN:  9781844257294
Bok NR:  H4729
Språk:  Engelska

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