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Outdoor Survival Manual
A step-by-step guide to practical bush craft and survival outdoors

Av Dave Pearce

The Outdoor Survival Manual offers practical, how-to instructions for survival in the most extreme terrains and environments on earth.

Former Royal Marine Commando and TV survival expert Dave Pearce outlines how to stay alive anywhere from the Sahara desert to the polar ice caps, as well as providing advice for less extreme adventures such as a family weekend in the woods.

He has worked with TV explorer Bruce Parry, whose new series Arctic has started on the BBC. He is also a regular survival and safety consultant to Bear Grylls on Born Survivor for the Discovery Channel.

Unlike the majority of survival handbooks the Outdoor Survival Manual uses photographs and real-life demonstrations of the various techniques. Step-by-step instructions give all the information you need to survive, from navigation and building a shelter to trapping animals and collecting water.

Dave has climbed Mount Everest's most challenging North Face, crossed Greenland in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton, wearing and using only the original gear and equipment of the time, and spent more than three months at a time on expeditions with no communication to the outside world. His survival skills in the Outdoor Survival Manual are based on having been there and done it.

Innehåller bland annat:

  • Essential equipment - what you really need
  • Finding your way - navigation techniques
  • Camp craft - shelter, fire, knots and knives
  • Food - tracks, traps and an edibility test
  • First Aid - understanding the essentials
  • Rescue - signalling and alerting
  • Rescue - signalling and alerting
  • Arctic and polar - beating the cold
  • Mountains - getting across them
  • Jungle - battling the beasties
  • Arid desert - coping with the heat
  • Sea - onshore and ocean survival

Om författaren: Dave Pearce is a former Royal Marine Commando. He is an adviser to the TV and film industries and has worked with outdoor adventurers Bruce Parry and Bear Grylls. Dave's greatest mountaineering achievement came in May 2003 when he reached the summit of Mount Everest by its challenging North Face.

ISBN:  9781844259465
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