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Wallace & Gromit
Cracking Contraptions Manual

Av Derek Smith & Graham Bleathman - Illustrator

How do the Techno Trousers work? What's inside the Rocket? How did Wallace rebuild Preston the Cyber Dog?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in Haynes Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions Manual 2, as we lift the lid on the wonderful contraptions of everyone's favourite inventor.

See what's inside each invention and find out exactly how it works with fantastic cutaway drawings, photographs and full technical descriptions, together with notes from Wallace himself.

From the Austin A35 Van and the Autochef to the Tellyscope and the Turbo Diner, this is the only technical guide to the inventions of Wallace & Gromit.

  • Vehicles: Rocket, Motorcycle & Sidecar, Austin A35 van, Techno Trousers.
  • Contraptions: Jam ballista, Bed launcher, Porridge cannon, Knit-o-matic.
  • See what's inside Wallace & Gromit's inventions with cutaway drawings, diagrams and sketches.
  • See how it works with design drawings, blueprints and inventor's notes.
  • Fabulous fun design and heavily illustrated throughout.

ISBN:   9780857331472
Bok NR:  H5147
Språk:  Engelska
Web Price:  £12.99

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